Braves Check: October 5, 2009

The Braves sure know how to finish, don’t they?  The team made it to the final week of the season in contention and decided they’d had enough drama for one season, so they packed up and went home a week early.  The end result: a six-game home losing streak to the Marlins and Nationals.  By […]

Braves Check: September 28, 2009

Five.  That’s the Rockies’ magic number this morning after the Braves extended their win streak to six games yesterday.  It was a good week picking on the dregs of the NL East, the Mets and Nationals.  I’m not going to dwell much on the stats this week, but I’ll consider some recent trends and get […]

Braves Check: September 14, 2009

The Braves’ timing is impeccable.  They just finished the 5-1 road trip that they really needed to have 2 weeks ago to stay in the playoff race.  In reality, the Braves still need a miracle if they’re going to reach the playoffs.  They’re 6.5 games out of the wild card with three teams ahead of […]

Braves Check: September 8, 2009

Five straight losses, with this pitching staff?  Three against the Reds?  I suppose that’s one way to say you’re ready for the offseason. The Braves started packing early this week and all but ended their playoff hopes.  They’re now 70-67 and in serious danger of finishing under .500 for the third time in four years.  […]

Braves Check: August 31, 2009

I missed last week and will have to do an abbreviated version this week.  I just have too many irons in the fire right now to devote much time to blogging, and the Braves’ uninspiring play hasn’t helped.  They lost both series last week, both crippling losses given their standing in the division, but the […]

Braves Check: August 17, 2009

The two-game sweep of Washington was a nice start to the week, but it hurts to lose two of three from the Phillies.  The Braves are now in third place, six games back of the Phils for the division lead, with six games remaining against them. The Wild Card race is getting closer, but the […]

Braves Check: August 10, 2009

Suddenly the Braves seem like a team with a little resilience and fight in them, don’t they?  I didn’t watch much of the games this week, since they were almost all late starts, but winning 3 of 4 against the Dodgers on the road can’t be a bad thing.  A series win against the Padres […]

Braves Check: August 3, 2009

A noisy trade deadline has passed, and the Braves are nine games out of first place in the NL East (third place) and five games out of the Wild Card (fifth place).  They added Adam LaRoche for Casey Kotchman in a sort of perplexing deal at the deadline, but they’re facing an uphill climb to […]

Braves Check: July 27, 2009

The post-All-Star revival continued for another week, as the Braves knocked down two of their fellow Wild Card contenders for series wins.  They finished the week 5-2 and are now three games over .500 for the season.  The Phillies, unfortunately, haven’t slowed down from their hot streak, and they remain 6.5 games up (8 in […]

Braves Check: July 20, 2009

At long last, the Braves have returned to .500, but the Phillies are on such a roll that they’re still losing ground in the playoff race.  At least they only have one team to catch in the East now, having overtaken the Marlins for second place. There are still three teams between the Braves and […]