“Casino Night” is ten years old

Late last night, I was reminded that it was the 10th anniversary of The Office (U.S.) second season finale, which aired on May 11, 2006. So I watched the episode again, and ten years later, despite knowing what else happens in the rest of the series), “Casino Night” still holds up as my favorite single […]


Blogging has obviously been a lower priority for me lately, but I’m still around.  Follow me on Twitter (@jfw3i) if you’re interested in reading more.  The shorter updates have suited me, since I’ve had other pursuits taking up more and more of my time: longer hours at work, and (last year) teaching Sunday School every […]

Same blog, new host

November historically has been the time of year when I have to re-evaluate whether I really need a web hosting provider at all.  There are plenty of good free blogging services, so I’ve finally made the jump from a hosted WordPress.org blog to WordPress.com.  You’ll have to sign up again to comment (a regular WP.com […]

New England Vacation 2010

Melissa and I just got back on Saturday from a week touring the northeast.  It was a lot of driving, but still a fun trip. Among our stops: Steamtown Mall (Scranton, PA) Freedom Trail (historic sites in Boston, MA) Prudential Tower (Boston, MA) Fenway Park (Boston, MA) for the 6/20 Dodgers-Red Sox game At least […]

Giving Twitter a shot

I created a Twitter account a while back to follow a few people I know, but I never really got into it myself because of Facebook.  I’m going to give it another go-round, and this time I’m not protecting my tweets.  Follow me at @jfw3i if you’re so inclined.  You’ll get updates every time I […]