Basketball Interview Challenge

The football season is barely underway, but if you’re like me, you already can’t wait for the return of college basketball.  Fortunately for us, there is a fix.  Longtime commenter and friend of the blog Jay Zuckerman has started an ambitious project to conduct 365 college basketball-related interviews in 365 days, and he’s calling it […]

Mathematical Formulas: Don't let one ruin your day

This is not my review of Harding’s weekend wins, although that will be up this evening. Stats will be updated at some point tomorrow and will include tonight’s UAM-Philander Smith non-conference game. If you’re not interested in the statistical side of basketball, this post probably isn’t for you, but I thought I would pass along […]

First Look at Basketball Prospectus

Last month, I mentioned that Ken Pomeroy (of and John Gasaway (of Big Ten Wonk) were going to be collaborating on a new effort to bring basketbal statistics closer to the mainstream. Their method: a spin-off of Baseball Prospectus with the same look, feel, and (effectively) name: Basketball Prospectus. The site made its debut […]

Is basketball analysis taking another leap?

It certainly looks that way.  Nate Silver announced yesterday on the Baseball Prospectus: Unfiltered blog that BP would be helping to launch next month.  It will be focused mostly on college basketball because their main writer will be Ken Pomeroy of the tremendous site.  John Gasaway of Big Ten Wonk will also be […]