Music in 2011

I realize I don’t post much anymore, although I try to post baby pics and the occasional opinion on Facebook and Twitter.  So this will seem even more random than if I had five or six Braves or Harding posts as a cushion.  With that caveat, I’ll say that 2011 was a pretty good year […]

Dave Matthews Band live in Memphis

I’ve seen a handful of really good concerts, but only a few times have I really been in the presence of musical greatness.  In terms of songwriting, I would put Switchfoot in that category, and Nickel Creek would make it both on both lyrics and instrumental proficiency. Dave Matthews Band certainly would fit that billing, […]

The Diaper List

Inspired by a recent movie called The Bucket List, my friend Brandon started referring to his own version of such a list.  Unlike the stars of the movie (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson), his list isn’t about what he wants to do before he dies (or “kicks the bucket”).  Rather, he has what he calls […]