Friday Notes: August 24, 2007

My site’s been down most of the morning, but hopefully it will stay up long enough for me to crank out this post.  Start your timers now.

  • Today is my buddy Jace’s birthday.  He’s 23 today, and if he tells me he feels any different because he’s 23, he’s probably lying.  I certainly didn’t.  Other circumstances might make him feel older, but I can assure him there’s nothing remarkable about the number.
  • My wife turns 25 tomorrow, and she’s as thrilled about it as you might expect.  She already knows she’s getting a book from me, and probably something else, too.  I’ll try to make it a special one, since she’s pretty cool.
  • The Braves lost 3 of 4 in Cincinnati, and they’re about a week away from falling off everyone’s Wild Card radar.  As they said at Talking Chop this week, Smoltz and Huddy, and then it gets ugly.
  • I already have two fantasy WRs injured, so let the cries for shortening the NFL preseason begin.  Donald Driver was carted off the field last night with a foot/ankle injury, and Mark Clayton has a high ankle sprain.  I also have Frank Gore, but I’m not particularly worried about his hand.
  • In the last week, I’ve acquired tickets to one NFL game and made tentative plans for another.  I’ll be seeing the Falcons face my 49ers on November 4th in Atlanta, and I may be heading to Cleveland over New Year’s weekend to see them again.  Throw in the tickets I bought to see Nickel Creek and Bela Fleck in Chattanooga, and I’d say it’s been a productive week on the entertainment front.
  • Speaking of entertainment, there are now 46 songs confirmed for Guitar Hero 3, which is due out on 10/29.  I was already pretty excited about Muse and Weezer being on there, but there are a few more good ones confirmed now: Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow,” Santana’s “Black Magic Woman,” Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love,” GNR’s “Welcome to the Jungle,” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss,” Metallica’s “One,” and some newer songs from Queens of the Stone Age, Velvet Revolver, and The Killers.  I seriously can’t wait two months for this game.Check out a video of someone playing Weezer and Tenacious D below:

  • Tamper with your fans’ hopes and dreams, and get slapped with a $250K fine.
  • On a final, considerably less interesting than anything else I’ve posted (and that’s saying something), note, I downloaded a demo of Office 2007 this week, and I’m actually liking it.  I can’t see myself ditching Excel for OpenOffice Calc, Star Office, or any other program, because it’s getting better and better.  I especially love the new file format.  While the old version of my Braves WPA file was over 12MB, the new one is just under 3MB, which really improves the speed of saving, opening, and closing it.

My weekend should be exciting, so I hope you have a good one as well.


2 thoughts on “Friday Notes: August 24, 2007

  1. As a fan of the visiting team at a Falcons game, you pretty much have to come up with some sort of Vick joke for a sign or shirt, don’t you?

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