Let's make it another decade

I remember eighth grade relatively fondly.  I had a good group of friends at school and was settling in on an academic path that would ultimately prove very beneficial to me.  I didn’t have a future playing sports, so I (as a total nerd) shifted my extracurricular focus from football and basketball to debate and […]

Is Georgia turning purple?

In response to ME’s post today about the IRS and separation of church and state, I thought I’d infiltrate the usual sports analysis with a few thoughts about the 2008 election. Where I Live In December 2006, I moved from an apartment in Chattanooga, Tennessee to a new house in Ringgold, Georgia.  Along with all […]

Talking out the issues

Today I received an incredibly surprising phone call from a fellow McCallie graduate. However, it wasn’t the usual classmate calling to catch up or to meet me for lunch somewhere. Today’s call was from a member of the Class of ’76 who also happens to be my representative in the U.S. House: Zach Wamp. Now, […]