ESPN Win Probability and the Braves

Today I was planning on posting my monthly meta analysis, just as I have planned to do all week.  Things just keep coming up, though, and this is the latest.  As it turns out, this post is also the latest in a series of posts about the concept of Win Probability and its treatment in the mainstream media.  I’m […]


Month-end Meta: June 2007

Another month is in the books, and this is what happened in this corner of the web. Top searches for June: ESPN/CWS/Win Probability or some combination thereof: 61 “Baseball:” 13 Searches for my name: 11 Random searches for various Braves minor leaguers: about 10 I applaud your persistence if you made it here by searching […]

Win Probability and ESPN: Part 2

I’m going to try and crank out two posts today: 1) First, a few more comments on ESPN’s introduction to win probability 2) Second, my weekly Braves update So, let’s get started. Win Probability and ESPN As I mentioned on Saturday night, I tuned in for the last inning of the Oregon State-Cal State Fullerton […]