Month-end Meta: June 2007

Another month is in the books, and this is what happened in this corner of the web.

Top searches for June:

  1. ESPN/CWS/Win Probability or some combination thereof: 61
  2. “Baseball:” 13
  3. Searches for my name: 11
  4. Random searches for various Braves minor leaguers: about 10

I applaud your persistence if you made it here by searching for “baseball,” because I’m sure you probably had to scroll through thousands of pages of Google results.

Top content (June):

  1. The initial ESPN/WP article
  2. The second ESPN/WP article
  3. The third ESPN/WP article
  4. May month-end meta
  5. In Too Deep: Braves Bullpen

Top content (April-June):

  1. Oh! Gravity Review
  2. The initial ESPN/WP article
  3. The second ESPN/WP article
  4. Another Bison for Obama
  5. The third ESPN/WP article

As an aside, there’s not much news on the WPA/ESPN/CWS front.  One other prominent blog, Umpbump, has written about it since my last update, with the same “they shouldn’t have tried to borrow from poker” response.  While that response may be uninformed, it’s not unexpected, and you have to put most of the blame for this kind of response on ESPN because of their poor execution.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or suggestions about the site in general, please feel free to share them.


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