Friday Notes: May 25, 2007

WordPress Security Issues This morning during my daily tech blog reading, I read a headline that 49 out of 50 WordPress blogs are vulnerable!  What a way to grab readers!  This blog is powered by WordPress, and while I’ve had my issues, I wouldn’t trade the functionality for anything.  I can do pretty much anything […]


Disc Golf Tracking

Summer is upon us, and as the days grow longer, that can only mean one thing: I get to play more disc golf.  I got hooked on the sport last summer, and from late June through mid-August, I played 36 rounds of 18 holes without going more than five days between rounds. As you might […]

Double Digits

Yesterday I scored my first double-digit under par disc golf round (-10 exactly), which sounds like a much bigger accomplishment until you consider that I am still playing from the novice tees using par 4 (there is a set of longer tees, and most courses use 3 as the advanced par). Still, it shows that […]