Double Digits

Yesterday I scored my first double-digit under par disc golf round (-10 exactly), which sounds like a much bigger accomplishment until you consider that I am still playing from the novice tees using par 4 (there is a set of longer tees, and most courses use 3 as the advanced par). Still, it shows that I’m making progress, and to commemorate this day, I’m including a chart of my performance to date.

There have been a number of different types of games I’ve played and hobbies I’ve become interested in where, in retrospect, I wished I had kept track of more numerical information, so I was determined not to do that when I first became interested in disc golf back in June. For all the gory detail, you can view the Excel file I created.  Hopefully soon I can figure out a good way to post it cleanly on this blog. If you look at it and start wondering, the adjustments I made are based on the course’s physical characteristics and the conditions on that day. The handicap is also based on my own little formula.


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