Bison Basketball 2009-10 Schedule

View the full schedule here. Harding has posted the Bisons’ schedule for the upcoming basketball season, which will be their first second without Matt Hall since I was a freshman in 2002-03 (and he was there then, only as a redshirt).  [The post-Hall era has clearly been uneventful, since I had trouble recalling that last […]

Bisons play it dangerously close, but reach GSC Tourney yet again

Quick aside for starters: Unlike pretty much every D-I conference (and most in D-II), not everyone makes the GSC tournament.  Since it’s such a large conference, only the top 5 teams in each 8-team division make it, and the #4-5 teams have to play a first-round game while everyone else gets a bye.  This works […]