Former HU basketball player to be charged in wife's death

This is an awful, awful developing story out of Memphis.

Micah Rine Pate, an ’06 graduate of Harding’s nursing school, was last seen on Thursday night after leaving her house for an evening jog.  She initially was reported as missing, but her husband Thomas, a former HU basketball player, has reportedly confessed to accidentally killing her.  He was held for questioning last night and is likely to be charged today, according to My Fox Memphis.  Micah was originally from Searcy, and both of her parents are teachers.

Thomas Pate was a forward who came off the bench for the Bisons for two seasons: 2002-’03 and ’03-’04.  He played a total of 35 minutes in 14 career games (mostly in ’02-’03), with 9 career points and 15 career rebounds.  He appeared in just one game, for two minutes, during the ’03-’04 season.

Hopefully this was just a terrible, tragic accident, and I’m sure we’ll know more about it in the coming days.  Even though we graduated the same year, I didn’t know Micah, but my heart goes out to her family.  I hope you’ll keep them in your prayers.


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