Disc Golf Tracking

Summer is upon us, and as the days grow longer, that can only mean one thing: I get to play more disc golf.  I got hooked on the sport last summer, and from late June through mid-August, I played 36 rounds of 18 holes without going more than five days between rounds.

As you might expect from such regular play, my level of skill increased from “worse than awful” to simply “below average,” and by the end of the summer I was consistently scoring a few strokes under par.  I won’t pat myself on the back too much, though, since it’s not exactly uncommon for beginners to improve rapidly with extensive practice.  It’s frustrating to know that I’m still not very good by most standards, since The Sinks (our only local course) is considered to be an easier than average course, and it especially favors someone like myself, who is better on accuracy than driving distance.

It’s been nine months since I played on a regular basis (more than once a month), but while I was playing regularly, I was fairly meticulous about recording my scores in an Excel file.  I came up with a handicapping system and a way to estimate what par should really be on each hole, so that I could adjust my scores based on the pin configuration that day (there are multiple pin positions and two tee pads for each hole).  That way, I knew if I was really scoring well, or if the course setup was the main reason for my success.  You can read more about that system and view all of the hole ratings at The Sinks here.

This summer, I’ll be posting scores on the pages I’ve created under “Disc Golf.”  There’s a link on the top navigation bar, and all the sub-pages are listed on the sidebar.


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