Friday Notes: May 25, 2007

WordPress Security Issues

This morning during my daily tech blog reading, I read a headline that 49 out of 50 WordPress blogs are vulnerable!  What a way to grab readers!  This blog is powered by WordPress, and while I’ve had my issues, I wouldn’t trade the functionality for anything.  I can do pretty much anything I want through sidebar widgets, plugins, and other options inherent in the fantastic WordPress open-source suite.  The few problems I’ve had are mostly because I’m not savvy in web design, and I’ve had no trouble resolving them through the developer’s forums.  I have had security issues, but not because of WordPress.

Unfortunately for the people who clicked through that story, that headline wasn’t really the whole truth. did a random survey of WordPress sites and noticed that 49 out of 50 WordPress sites were using an out-of-date version of the software, and with that comes security issues.  Like every other piece of software, issues are discovered, and the company clears them up for the next release.  The WordPress community has done that, but webmasters have to upgrade manually.

WordPress does a great job getting the word out about updates, so there’s really no defense for a webmaster not to upgrade a site.  The updates are not so frequent as to be a burden, and it’s not a difficult process if you managed to install the software in the first place.  So, I have little sympathy for those who don’t keep their sites up-to-date.  That’s the real story here, not any kind of security issue with WordPress.  Hopefully they’ll set the record straight themselves, but I’ll do my part as well.

Who is Ron Paul?

He’s a libertarian Republican Congressman from Texas, and also one of the most blogged-about people in the world right now.  Oh, and he’s running for President.  The mainstream media hasn’t really talked about him, but I think he’s the best candidate the Republicans can throw out there.  McCain, Giuliani, and Romney all have significant flaws despite their big pocketbooks, so I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul get a chance.  He’d probably beat Hillary, and he might be the only Republican I could vote for myself.  I’m not saying I would vote for him, but he’s not a bad candidate.

A Friendly Reminder

I’ll be heading out of town to visit my family in Valdosta this weekend, so I won’t be updating anything before Tuesday.  I’ve made some additions to the Disc Golf pages this week, so take a look through those in the meantime, and have a great holiday weekend.


3 thoughts on “Friday Notes: May 25, 2007

  1. As a social conservative, McCain, Giuliani and Romney and virtually no appeal to me.

    I respect McCain’s war record, and Giuliani’s actions following 9/11, but I don’t think I could tolerate either as a president.

    On the other hand, Fred Thompson is someone who I could maybe get excited about.

  2. Fred Thompson is an interesting candidate in a lot of ways. I imagine there are a lot of conservatives who are also turned off by the current Big 3 candidates and would like to see him run.

  3. I’d love to see Ron Paul win the whole thing, but there’s no way it will happen. Anybody who strays from the majority opinion on as many issues as he does is way too easy to campaign against.

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