Friday Notes: July 6, 2007

It’s been a fairly boring week at home.  I swiped my baseball card collection from my mom’s house so that I could look through it and have something to do.  Still, I guess there are things going on:

  • The Live Earth worldwide concert is tomorrow, and I think it’s being broadcast on NBC/Universal here in the U.S.  If you can look past the apparent contradiction of holding a huge, energy-consuming event to raise awareness and combat global warming, it should be a good show.  I’ll probably be watching it while going through the aforementioned cards, most of which are of prospects who flamed out in the late 90’s.  I still love looking through them, though.
  • I really can’t stand it when the Braves travel to the West Coast, since the games don’t start until 10 Eastern.  I watched the first couple innings of last night’s Hudson-Penny slugfest, but I couldn’t stick around long enough to see the Braves actually pull it out.  In other news, John Smoltz had better not be hurt badly enough to miss more than 1-2 starts, or the Braves might be sellers at the deadline.
  • This week, Joe Morgan taught me that “numbers are not what is important,” but that Curtis Granderson should be in the All-Star Game because his numbers are better than Grady Sizemore’s.  I think he deserves another Sports Emmy.
  • With my wife traveling across the country, I’ve been striving for some personal enrichment by playing lots of video games.  I got a perfect score on six Guitar Hero II songs (on Medium), including “Beast and the Harlot,” which means I’m one step closer to being the next Hendrix a very sad and lonely individual.  I also rented MLB 07: The Show, and I’m already bored with it.  There are a few interesting innovations (dynamic “confidence levels” for each pitch), but I still prefer the EA game engine, especially when it comes to fielding and baserunning.  Overall, it wasn’t particularly rewarding for me, and I didn’t get into the franchise mode at all because of the frustrating gameplay.
  • My reading list is full, but I’m way behind.  I just finished The Baseball Economist by J.C. Bradbury, who is also the author of the Sabernomics blog.  You’re probably well aware of the book if you read his blog…I’ve enjoyed reading it for several years now, and the book was a good read as well.  I’m actually embarrassed that it’s taken me so long to get around to reading it, but I’ll review it in full at some point.  Now I’ve moved on to Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope.  If the first chapter is any indication, I’m really going to love it.

That’s it for me this week.  Have a good weekend.


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