Blogging has obviously been a lower priority for me lately, but I’m still around.  Follow me on Twitter (@jfw3i) if you’re interested in reading more.  The shorter updates have suited me, since I’ve had other pursuits taking up more and more of my time: longer hours at work, and (last year) teaching Sunday School every week at church.

I’ve been tweeting through the last couple of Harding home basketball games, since the athletic department is now putting the video feed online for free (thanks HU), and this has been a really exciting Bison team.  They’re 21-3, ranked 16th in the country (but somehow only 7th in the region), and they’ll be playing their final home game on Thursday against GSC West leader Arkansas Tech for a chance to share the division title.

In other news, you may already be aware that Melissa and I are expecting twins, due in August/September.  Starting then, I’d say I’ll be even busier.  She’s 11 weeks along and not showing at all if you ask me.  They’re already known as the Wright Brothers among our friends at church, although we don’t know their genders at this point.  I’ll try to post some pictures periodically, but most of you reading this will have already been keeping up with the news on Facebook or Twitter.


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