Matt Hall Injury Update

According to the official site’s preview for the game at Alabama-Huntsville tonight, Matt Hall is now out for the season with a knee injury. As the defending Daktronics South Region Player of the Year, Hall will be sorely missed. The roster is very guard-oriented without Hall, and our strategy of pushing the ball up the floor and shooting a lot of threes will certainly not change. Jacob Thies and Alassane Savadogo will need to provide a consistent presence inside for us not to be a completely one-dimensional team.

After watching two games with these players and most of the last one without Hall, I think the Bisons will be fine. This is a talented team with a deep bench, although it is not very experienced. One problem the team might face will be getting to the free-throw line, since most of the main offensive players do not typically go inside to score. Normally, this would hurt our true shooting percentage, but hopefully three-point shooting will make up for that lost edge.

I wish Matt and his family the best as he tries to make a full recovery from the injury to play next season. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

As for the rest of the team, I’m expecting to see a good game tonight against Alabama-Huntsville. I’ll be leaving shortly for the game.

[EDIT 11/29: The injury is supposedly a torn ACL and MCL, and the team is actively trying to get Matt a medical redshirt for this season, which would leave him with two more years of eligibility.]


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