Sims named GSC West Player of the Week

The official site already covered this story pretty well, but I thought I’d mention it over here as well. HU forward Brandon Sims was named this week’s GSC West Player of the Week today, deservedly so after an awesome week. Sims scored 66 points and pulled down 28 rebounds in the week ending Tuesday night, throwing in a handful of assists and 6 steals as well. Brandon also provided a steady presence at the free-throw line, where he knocked down 14 shots in 17 attempts. His average game score of 20.2 was also very solid.

I only have one real comment to add to this. I don’t really see how we are going to handle our player rotation when Ceso Sprewell returns on December 10th against Northwestern State. We essentially have five quality players for three guard/forward positions: Lonnie Smith (always the two-guard when he is in), Patrick Andrepont (generally the two or three), Brandon Sims (same), Cole Kee (any of the two through four) and Sprewell (same).

None of the group is large enough to play center effectively, and none is a solid enough ballhandler to play the point, yet these are our five most effective players. At any given time, we will have one or two players who are not effective offensive players on the floor. Alassane Savadogo could be a more effective center if he had better court awareness and passing skills, and also if he didn’t commit as many fouls so he could stay in longer. PER says he’s been a very effective player, but really his best skill is rebounding, and he has trouble doing anything other than putting up an often-poor second shot attempt after an offensive board.

As for the point guard slot, both Reggie Bibb and Steven Barnett need to become more of an offensive threat by developing an inside game (like Edward and Emmanuel White had) or by working on their jump shooting.

I’ll be interested to see how the rotation turns out. We’re very deep with effective players in some places (and that would only be “worse” with Matt Hall), and we need some people to step up elsewhere.

Congratulations to Sims, though, on this honor. I’m sure it won’t be the last for him or for the Bisons this season.


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