About this blog – How it works

A quick note about this blog: I’m using WordPress version 1.5.2 at the moment to power this monster, and today, for the first time, I’m using Performancing for Firefox to compose my post.  If this works well, Performancing will be the coolest Firefox add-on I have (along with FireFTP and FoxyTunes), since it allows you to blog without actually going into the editor on your site.  Of course, I recommend Firefox as a browser that is far superior to IE and marginally superior to whatever else you may be using.  I don’t understand all the tech-geek customization stuff you can do with either WordPress or Firefox, but I know that they are the best products for blogging and browsing, respectively.  Plus, they’re both completely free.

What does this have to do with basketball, you ask?  Nothing, except that these products help me get the most out of my experience on the web, which allows me to think about important things like the top 25 rebounders in the Gulf South Conference.  Just so this post isn’t a complete waste of space, here’s that list:

Player Team RR PER
Alassane Savadogo HU 28.9% 20.39
Randy George HSU 24.4% 18.01
Ike O’Hanson ATU 22.5% 16.76
George Kirby OBU 22.4% 16.08
Justin DeLamar OBU 20.4% 17.04
Rone Smith ATU 19.6% 25.07
Nick Kohs CBU 18.7% 12.13
Johnathan Holland UAM 18.5% 29.44
Sandrell Spann DSU 17.9% 19.06
Stephin Booth UCA 17.1% 20.19
Jesse Bynum HU 17.0% 8.59
LeMar Phillips UCA 16.9% 14.20
Paul Walker CBU 16.4% 6.56
Jasper Johnson DSU 16.1% 30.41
Randy Oliver OBU 15.9% 6.64
Kelvin Brown HSU 15.7% 19.12
Colby Harris DSU 15.5% 16.90
Andrew Stanek ATU 15.4% 22.46
Brandon Mayweather UAM 15.4% 16.81
Kevin Weybright CBU 14.9% 26.77
Joel Casseus ATU 14.7% 11.84
Victor Brown DSU 14.7% 21.30
Sam Bradley CBU 14.6% 21.28
Jacob Thies HU 14.6% 6.39
Billy McDaniel UAM 14.3% 16.09

I’ll be back with some HU player profiles at some point over break, along with my usual weekly reviews of the other action around the GSC.

[EDIT: It seems that Performancing doesn’t handle tables very well, so I may have to stick with the regular WP editor for most of my posts. It’s a good idea, though]


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