Delta State enters the top 25 in first 2006 poll

The first meaningful NABC/D-II Bulletin national poll was released yesterday, and GSC West favorite Delta State was ranked #15, their first recognition of the season in the coaches’ poll. GSC East teams were also on the rise, as Montevallo (14-1, 2-0 GSC East) returned to the #1 spot and Alabama-Huntsville (12-2, 1-1 GSC East, with whom Harding split this season) moved to #13.

Only eight coaches vote in the poll, but it does have some meaning as the only national ranking of all D-II teams. The poll will be released on Tuesdays through the end of the season. The first regional rankings, which determine who makes the NCAA tournament, will be released next Wednesday (and subsequent Wednesdays). I might have some speculation about those beforehand, if I have some time to do the research.

Check out the full top 25 at the D-II home page.


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