Part of the thing that makes WPA so interesting is actually following it yourself during a game. Knowing that your team has a 20% chance of winning after giving up a few first-inning runs may make you feel like a pessimist, but it’s still pretty cool. I’ve added a list of links to the right, and they will all be live when I make my first weekly review post. For each file, you can download the full Excel file, or one of two zipped versions.

Here’s a short description of what’s there: 7-Zip – This is the program I use to zip up these big files. You’ll probably want it if you want to download anything off of here, especially if you’re on less than a broadband connection. It’s free to download, and it’s superior to WinZip. WinExp – This is the file used to track the play-by-play of each game. I’m putting it up here so you can follow games on your own. I did not develop the file…Dave Studeman at The Hardball Times and Baseball Graphs is responsible for that, and he was very helpful in getting me going with the pitching stats I tracked last year. (Update 5/7/06: I’m removing the file from my server, but you can still get it from

Season Stats – This is where you’ll find the Braves’ individual WPA totals for the season, plus their season stats in the other major categories. You may need to use the “refresh all” button on the external data toolbar to get the latest traditional stats (from Game Logs – Each week, I’ll upload the game logs for the previous week’s games. Each file includes the play-by-play log, box score, player WPA totals, and a chart of the Braves’ WPA throughout the game. The link for game logs will direct you back to this post, where I will place all the links to the weekly files. Download away, and feel free to make suggestions on other content you’d like to see. I’ll do my best to keep this place up-to-date.

[EDIT 7/25: Obviously there are no links here, thanks to my move from Blogger to WordPress. I haven’t kept up with the stats, if you couldn’t tell, so I’m not replacing them.]


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