Usage Score

I introduced the “usage score” (USG) last year on the old site, but I forgot to re-incorporate it into the new stats until tonight. That, along with trying to get some sortable stat pages up and running, has delayed today’s weekly post until later tonight.

Right now, let me offer a quick explanation of USG (I feel like Baseball Prospectus with all these silly acronyms around here. If you have a better idea for what to call these stats, let me know). The idea behind this score is to show how well a manager is using his relievers. It measures this by comparing the average P at which the reliever enters the game to his level of production over team average.

A positive usage score reflects that a manager has under-used this player, and thus should correct for that by using him in more crucial situations. A negative usage score means the opposite, that this player has been relied upon too heavily.

You’ll be seeing this stat along with all the other reliever stats in the future.


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