The times, they are a-changin'…

The last few months have been quite busy for me. I had a tough finish to my senior year at HU, I graduated, and I got married. Now I’m working full-time this summer and involved in plenty of other activities (okay, really just one…disc golf). This fall, I’ll be going to grad school, and I won’t be at Harding to watch the basketball team.

What does all of this mean for my HU Basketball blog? Well, I’m working on moving my other blogs (Shots from the Bleachers and the Braves WPA Blog) to this site so I only have one blog to manage. All of my posts about various subjects will be in one place, which will probably merit a name change (and location change) for this blog. Get ready to update your bookmarks or site feeds, loyal readers. All three of you.

This also means that I’ll probably be publishing somewhat less often about HU Basketball during the season. However, I still plan on tracking the stats, since I’ve made it less of a painstaking process in the past few years. My plan is to put together a solid basketball post about once a week, and it may include other teams, like the UT-Chattanooga team I’ll be following. I’ll just have to learn how to be a Rhodes Rowdie from a distance.

As for the other blogs, I hope that moving everything to one online destination will make it easier for me to share thoughts on a wider range of issues. If you’ll keep reading, I’ll try to be interesting.

I think I’ve finalized the design now, so if you have any comments, let me know.


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