In the mission field

I don’t like to plug people in posts a lot, but my good friend Jace has quite a task in front of him, and I wanted to wish him the best. Jace was my suitemate for the past three years at Harding (and since he hung out with me and Chris so much our freshman year, virtually all four). I was honored to have him as a groomsman at my wedding as one of my best friends.Jace

Over the years at Harding, we discussed many things, and Jesus was always the focal point. I value his Christian insight differently from that of most other people, since he didn’t grow up in the Church of Christ(TM). His perspective was always educated and unique, and he reasoned with me about Christians in politics, business, and the world in general.

Jace graduated from Harding with a degree in missions. By now, he’s probably in Guatemala, preparing to start his career in the mission field as a history teacher. I encourage you to check out his website at and to pray for his work there. As you’ll see if you visit the site, he’s talented in areas other than sharing the gospel.

I don’t mean to single out Jace among my friends. My other talented suitemate will also be starting soon as a history teacher, only in the U.S, and my talented roommate (and now brother-in-law) is already the youth minister at the Central Avenue church in Valdosta, GA. Of course, I also married a soon-to-be first grade teacher. However, Jace will face a number of challenges in his work that those of us who remain stateside will not even begin to comprehend. Please pray for him and his work in Guatemala. He has an exceptional heart, and I have no doubt that he will succeed.

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