#7 – Franz Ferdinand

I thought Franz Ferdinand was just the next pop-rock fad when I first heard “Take Me Out” a couple summers ago. Now, just two albums into their career, I would consider them one of my favorite bands. They write clever, catchy rock songs that aren’t riddled with the clichés of modern rock sound. Plus, their simplicity in instrumentation makes their complexity in sound and rhythm that much more appealing. They don’t really sound like anyone else, and they’re better for it.

If I had to defend ranking Franz Ferdinand at #7, above the three previous bands (Death Cab, Muse, and Audioslave), I’d say that their clever lyrics and rhythms place them above the latter two, while their solidly rock sound gives them an edge over the former. It’s tough to rank such different bands, but this is my best shot right now.

Here are my top ten Franz songs:

  1. Take Me Out

  2. The Fallen

  3. Do You Want To

  4. You Could Have It So Much Better

  5. This Fire

  6. Dark of the Matinee

  7. This Boy

  8. Darts of Pleasure

  9. Jacqueline

  10. 40’

Just missed:
Walk Away
I’m Your Villain


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