Harding faces Lipscomb in final exhibition game

Tonight in Nashville, the Harding Bisons will play their last exhibition game against the Lipscomb Bisons.  That’s right, both teams incorrectly use “Bisons” as the plural for “Bison.”  It’s truly remarkable.

If you’re not familiar, these schools have a bit of shared history, with Harding having been founded by one of Lipscomb’s founders.  Both share an allegiance to the churches of Christ, and they are the two largest such schools in the country in terms of enrollment.  (Aside: Pepperdine is historically a CoC school, but they no longer formally share that allegiance; however, they are larger than both HU and LU.)

The game might not be as interesting as the history, since Lipscomb is now in D-I and doing well there (they lost to eventual champion Belmont in the A-Sun tournament).  Theoretically, they should win big, but I know there will be a contingent of Rhodes Rowdies there to root for an upset.  I’ll be following the game wherever I can, since I can’t be there.  I’m not sure if it’s on either school’s radio feed, or if it will be receiving the live online scoring treatment from either side.

Tip-off is at 9 PM ET.  I feel pretty good about predicting a win for the Bisons.


3 thoughts on “Harding faces Lipscomb in final exhibition game

  1. Bisons as used by both Harding and Lipscomb (and a number of assorted athletic teams in Canada) is a proper name and thus there is no incorrect spelling.

  2. Thanks for the link, Jay.  In the end, I decided to just follow the live scoring while watching the Louisville-Rutgers game.  Harding should be doing broadcasts like that once the regular season starts, or at least once the conference season starts.

    As for the name, I\’m not sure if you\’re right or wrong.  A number of schools use \”Bison,\” too, like Howard and Bucknell.  Actually Bucknell was convinced to change from \”Bisons\” to \”Bison\” a few years back.  Regardless, I still call Harding the Bisons on this site, and I suppose I\’ll continue to do so until they decide to be called something else.

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