A good weekend in Searcy

The Bisons won two games this weekend at home, the first against Texas College, and the second in OT against North Alabama of the GSC East.  I don’t have my latest stat update at home, so unless I want to do some double work, I won’t have all the stats until Monday.  I may have some exciting personal news to break then, too, so stick around.


One thought on “A good weekend in Searcy

  1. T. Morgan and Hamilton played quite a bit together at the guards Sat. night. I would stack them at the two guard and stack Andrepont and Sims at the 3.

    Morgan looks to be “the” lockdown defender on the squad and Hamilton can rebound and score. Morgan has the knack to judge defensive distance and not try to play belly up defense as do Barnett and Bibb. (Good ball handlers spin off them and they end up chasing them to the basket)

    Another chump team in tomorrow night.

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