Mobile jfwiii now available

Thanks to the work of Alex King and his wonderful WordPress plugins, I now have a mobile version of this blog available if you’re viewing from a WAP or other mobile browser.  I just got a Sony Ericsson w810i from Cingular myself (I love it, if you’re looking for a new phone), and I got an unlimited media plan to go with it so I could stay up on my e-mails, blogs, and everything else when I’m on the go.  The plugin is fantastic and makes my site a little easier on the smaller phone displays.  It detects your mobile browser, so don’t worry about seeing the scaled-down version from a regular browser.

Having said all that, I’m probably the only person actually viewing this site from a mobile browser (I use the free Opera Mini browser, which is amazing).  Maybe Alex will make a mobile dashboard plugin so I can post easily from my phone.


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