Harding bounces back in Russellville

The Bisons notched their 13th consecutive wondrous victory over the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys last night.  Matt Hall, of course, led the way with 25 points and 11 rebounds, and Rick Hamilton added 22 to propel HU to victory.

Stats and such:


  HU ATU +/-
Eff 95.0 84.6 10.3
TS% 50.6 45.7 4.9
OR% 25.0% 27.3% -2.3%
TR 15.5 16.0 -0.5


Player Name MIN GS TS% RR ISP ITP IPP Floor% %TP ORtg
Andrepont, Patrick.. 24 2.0 35.0 11.1% 2.88 9.01 6.63 32.0% 12.0% 73.6
Hall, Matt………. 28 19.6 73.7 17.5% 9.02 17.35 21.45 52.0% 23.2% 123.6
Thies, Jacob…….. 10 -1.6 12.9 8.9% 0.57 3.97 1.73 14.4% 5.3% 43.6
Hamilton, Rick…… 32 19.7 57.7 5.6% 8.88 14.97 20.65 59.3% 20.0% 138.0
Barnett, Steven….. 23 5.2 51.5 3.9% 2.29 5.75 5.02 39.8% 7.7% 87.3
Kee, Cole……….. 4 -0.7 0.0 0.0% 0.00 0.73 0.00 0.0% 1.0% 0.0
Bibb, Reggie…….. 18 -1.1 0.0 2.5% 0.43 3.43 0.91 12.5% 4.6% 26.4
Morgan, Trent……. 15 1.5 43.6 8.9% 1.47 4.93 3.14 29.7% 6.6% 63.8
Bynum, Jesse…….. 2 0.3 0.0 22.2% 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.0% 0.0% 0.0
Howard, Brian……. 24 9.8 60.0 13.0% 4.40 8.18 11.80 53.8% 10.9% 144.4
Sims, Brandon……. 20 0.0 14.3 8.9% 0.90 6.30 1.81 14.3% 8.4% 28.7


Though the Bisons were not completely on-target with their shooting and neither team rebounded very well, this wasn’t a bad performance.  Even though Hall only played 28 minutes, I like to see this kind of playing time and shot distribution.  They’re getting the ball to the players who can make the most difference offensively.  Andrepont and Sims didn’t shoot well, but Hamilton had a solid game, and Hall was strong except for his five turnovers.  Thies and Kee didn’t play much, and since Sims only got in 20 minutes, Brian Howard was allowed to benefit from some extra playing time.  Though he must have been frustrating to watch at the FT line (5-for-11), he was still quite efficient.

Terrance Whiters tried the one-man-show deal for ATU, and it didn’t work out so well for him.  He did score 23 points, but he took 25 shots from the field and made only 9.  Denarryl Rice, the team’s most efficient offensive player, put up just five shots in 21 minutes, and that’s something Tech’s opponents would like to see from him every game.

Elsewhere in the GSC

There were no real surprises in terms of outcomes of the other GSC games, but several were surprisingly close.  Four of the remaining six teams played in Arkadelphia, with Henderson State winning a close one over UAM (Newell 10-27 from the field, 29 points) and Christian Brothers needing two overtimes to knock out OBU.  Nick Kohs had 26 points and 12 rebounds, making up for an inefficient night from Kevin Weybright.  Delta State took out Southern Arkansas at home behind a 22-point, 9-rebound performance from Marlon McCoy.

The GSC West standings now show Henderson and Delta States tied at the top at 4-0, and Harding will get to host HSU on Saturday in the now-traditional blackout rivalry game.  Christian Brothers will host Delta State in another very meaningful game, and that should give the Bucs the chance to assert themselves in the division.  An HU win would be very helpful in clouding the picture at the top.  UAM hosts Arkansas Tech and OBU visits Southern Arkansas in matchups of the division’s bottom four teams.


4 thoughts on “Harding bounces back in Russellville

  1. How can neither team rebound very well? Didn’t they together get all available rebounds? 🙂

    A puzzle: A starter in every game this year – averages just over 15 minutes/game playing time (lowest except for the pure scrubs)-averages 2.0 ppg.

  2. Heh, yeah, I guess I needed to clarify that a little. Both teams grabbed 25% of their available offensive rebounds, a below average figure. I guess every rebound has to go to someone, though.

    The answer to your puzzle is Thies, which of course begs the question: why start him if he’s not good enough to play starter minutes? I assume he’s not handling the opening tips now, is he (not that that’s a good reason to start someone)? I’m not sure there’s a good explanation for this.

    There are exactly zero other players who fit his profile in the GSC (only UAM’s Vincent Jackson has a lower per-40-minute scoring average – 4.2 to Thies’ 5.1). All the similar ones might play in every game, but they don’t start. There is no rule that says a team must play two guards, two forwards, and one center at the start of the game.

  3. Hall handles the tips. Some games, Theis has played 3-4 minutes and then disappeared for the half.

    Kee is moving further down the bench although he appears to be a better overall choice to play than Theis. One mistake and he is OUT. Additude I guess.

    Howard has some playground skills. May be taking a while to get him play into the team concept.

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