President Bush visits Chattanooga

My first day back to work this week has been slightly more eventful than most, since the Decider-in-Chief is in Chattanooga today to address his latest health care policies.  President Bush spoke to a group at Erlanger Medical Center, a local hospital that has historically been the area’s health-care leader (but has been in financial trouble in recent years).  He also spoke at the Chattanooga Trade and Convention Center, which is two blocks away from where I work.  The president’s motorcade came down our street on both occasions (unless it was a cleverly-disguised decoy motorcade), so I was presumably within a few feet of him.  I guess it doesn’t matter whether I approve of him or not, because it was still pretty cool.

There were a handful of supporters and protesters lined up along the street, and I could only read one of the protesters’ signs from my building (“Mr. President, what about our veterans?”).  One of our local news stations got a great quote from a 7-year-old kid who was lined up to see Bush go by:

Asked why he likes the president, the son of an Army officer replied, “I don’t know, I just like him.”

Interestingly, his opinion of the president is not that much more complex than a lot of folks I know around here.  I’m only partially kidding.

Hopefully there won’t be State Troopers at every interstate exit on the way home this evening.  I hear they were making lots of money for the state this morning by pulling people over while they kept Bush safe.


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