There's nothing like Division-II basketball

Winona State was riding a 57-game win streak coming into yesterday’s Division-II national championship game, so opponent Barton theoretically didn’t have much of a chance. I guess this is why they play the games, though, because the national audience on CBS was able to see perhaps the greatest last-minute comeback ever (though I’m still partial to Duke’s 10-point comeback in 2001 in one of the great games against Maryland that year). I tuned in just after the game ended, but the clip from YouTube is available below, at least until Viacom has them take it down. Thanks to the wonders of the Video Ook! Firefox extension (and other similar ones), you can watch it forever.

The setup: Winona State has a 7-point lead with 45 seconds to play, and then all heck breaks loose:

h/t: jz


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