Opening Day on the Senior Circuit

…”The Senior Circuit” being the name of my Sportsline fantasy baseball league, that is.  I’m starting to lose count of how many years I’ve been playing fantasy now, but I think it’s probably about the 10th year I’ve had a team that I drafted (instead of one of those other online salary cap-style leagues).  I’ve gotten better at it over the years, and I’ve now finished first or second in every league I’ve played in for the last four years.  Each time, it was a Sportsline Gold NL-only league with 10 teams, since I don’t really like the AL, and I don’t follow it as closely.

This year will hopefully be the same story, although I’ve probably been fortunate to have done so well recently.  It’s hard to expect to do that well, even though I’d like to think I really know what I’m doing.

Tonight will be the first step toward another successful year, and in many ways, it is the most important one: the draft.  It’s vitally important to be able to draft well, and most people in Sportsline Gold leagues do a fairly decent job, so I’ll have my work cut out for me.

This week on the blog, I’ll share a little bit about my strategy and my team for this year.  I’ll also look at the projections I used for drafting and talk about some of the more interesting players, draft steals and busts, and a run-down of the Braves roster for 2007.  All of this will culminate in my yearly predictions post, where I will predict each team’s record, postseason results, and some of the award winners.  Hopefully I can do all of that before the Final Four games on Saturday, but we’ll see.


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