Month-end Meta: March 2007

It couldn’t be clearer that basketball drives this site.  Starting about the second week of March, my visits tumbled, and I started posting less often.  I’ve moved on to baseball now, I guess, and luckily, there are a lot of other great sites out there tracking baseball stats.  I don’t have to put as much legwork into following the Braves.  Of course, the consequence of that is that there’s not as much interesting stuff to look at around here.

Here are some of last month’s trends:

  • The site averaged about 15 visits per day, down five from February.
  • On the bright side, the number of absolute unique visitors stayed roughly the same (down from 263 to 257).  So, I guess people are still coming, just not as often.  There was a spike in average days between visits, so that makes sense.
  • 13% of my visits were referrals from ME’s blog, which is pretty consistent with last month.  My Chattablogs referrals were up from 7% to 11%.  I also got a handful of referrals from JC, Mac, and Chris.  I’ll try to keep throwing out some good Braves stuff so Mac’s readers don’t get confused when they come here and there’s nothing about WPA or the Braves.
  • The percentage of visitors from Arkansas went down from 51% to 38%, with Tennessee and Georgia taking some of that percentage.  Texas and California were the only other states with a reasonably significant number of visitors.
  • My Chattanooga visitors spiked a bit (now over 2/3 of my Tennessee visits), since I’ve been listed on Chattablogs for over a month now.
  • The game summary for the GSC tournament loss to Henderson State was the most popular post of the month, with my initial look at the NCAA Tournament bracket a close second.
  • Searches for simply “disc golf” brought me three times as many hits as any other search string, and I can’t remember the last time I really talked in depth about that (maybe not since last summer?).

Again, thanks to everyone who stops by.  Google Analytics is definitely overkill for a site with as little traffic as mine, but it’s pretty interesting to look at.


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