Fighting the war on spam comments

For the last 3-4 days, I’ve been fighting another barrage of spam comments, but thanks to the Akismet plugin, almost none of it actually reached the site.  Unfortunately, something even worse managed to hack into the site and actually upload some not-so-nice pages to my site, so I have some permission-editing to do in order to try and prevent that in the future.

I discovered all of this by using Google’s Webmaster Tools to analyze my site, and it was pretty alarming to see that I was climbing the Google rankings for terms and phrases that I’ve never willingly posted.  I’m trying not to repeat them here or even address the subject matter because I don’t want my site to keep climbing those rankings.

If anyone out there has successfully dealt with this before, I’m all ears.


2 thoughts on “Fighting the war on spam comments

  1. Are you climbing up the Google rankings for the phrase “Nate Newell” AND “NBA draft projection”? … I’d find that offensive too.

  2. That’s quite offensive, although I can see Stephen A. Smith shouting something unintelligible if the Knicks drafted him #10 overall. I won’t put anything past Isiah, though. He might see those PPG totals and think Newell’s the next big thing.

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