April Trends

I’ve been blogging about basketball in some form on this site for a couple of years now, but until this year, I’ve been pretty inconsistent with my baseball notes.  I’m trying to rectify that this year and keep more of a fixed weekly schedule with occasional other updates, but that didn’t help this site in April.  Readership was down about 3.5 visits per day to just over 10, which means that fewer people read this site than encounter me in the office every day.

Most of this month’s decline comes from a total absence of basketball posts.  The entire drop basically resulted from a sharp drop in Arkansan visitors, so I’m pretty sure that’s the cause.  The Bisons are still out there, hopefully preparing for next year, but there’s not much to add for this past year’s results.  I’ll ratchet up the previews for next season later this summer, and if I can think of something interesting to do with my existing stats, I’ll post about it.  I’m also open for suggestions, if anyone needs a basketball fix.

April was mostly about baseball, with the start of the new MLB season and a bit more optimism for this season after the end of the Braves’ division-winning streak last year.  I’ll try to keep up the stat updates and throw in my two cents at least once a week from here on out so there will be a reason to come back.

Here were some of the most popular posts:

The second one is probably only on the list because I put Howard Stern in the title.  He took up the bulk of my keyword searches for the month, which I guess isn’t that surprising.  I probably shouldn’t try to get too many more of his readers searching for me, though.  They might hijack me and post about how I loved Sanjaya, or something equally awful.


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