Cokey is better than Pepsi

I’ve neglected to mention here that my wife and I had an unusual Sunday a few weeks back.  We had been talking about pets for a while, and it happened that a family was leaving our church and moving out west to Sacramento.  On their final day at East Brainerd, they offered up their seven-year-old cat for the taking, fearing that he wouldn’t make the cross-country flight due to a heart murmur.  A few pokes in my side later, we came home with Cokey.

It was a sad occasion for our friends from class, and somewhat bittersweet for us (who really wants to take someone else’s pet when they’d probably rather not let go?).  Still, we’re happy to have Cokey, who is a well-behaved seven-year-old male, and pretty much an indoor-only cat (a requirement for us, since we don’t have space for him to run around outside).

Cokey came to our friends from the animal shelter, and it’s likely that he was abused before that.  They told us that he was so skittish when they took him home that he hid under the bed for four days.  Luckily, he seems to have warmed up to us a little more quickly (six years of great care – and of course, no abuse – undoubtedly helped).

At first, he would just slink around the house and run from us when we walked toward him, but by late afternoon, he made friends with Melissa.  I had a little more trouble getting him to like me, but a trip to the store for some treats quickly ended any hostility he had.  Now, he pretty much just follows us around the house wherever we go.

Aside from a recent injury from jumping off the bathroom counter, Cokey has adjusted quite well to our house, and he’s been great to have around.  I think we really needed a pet.

Now, we have a few pictures, including the aforementioned bathroom counter and sink.  These are thumbnails, so you can view the big version by clicking on them.  I’m also experimenting with the new embedded slideshow feature for Picasa Web Albums, so hopefully you’ll see that below, too.
Cokey - bathroom counter

Cokey on couch

Cokey close up


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