Apparently I'm not alone

I noticed this morning for the second time that the layout on this blog had been changed against my will.  It’s not a WordPress issue, it’s just someone doing a great job hacking my site.   Now, I’m figuring out that it’s not just my problem; in fact, it’s a problem across Mysitespace (my hosting service).  They have been “attacked” from all sides, and they’re not handling it very well.  Check out some reviews of their service.

I’ll be looking for a new web host, and I’m open to suggestions.  In the meantime, I hope you can read what I’m writing.


3 thoughts on “Apparently I'm not alone

  1. Yeah…I went with them off of a recommendation, but that was about 2 years ago. Their uptime has always been great, and I hadn’t really needed their customer support, since I’m not running anything except a blog with a single mySQL database, plus hosting a handful of other files.

    Now, it’s a totally different story. They’re either having some hard times as a company, or they turned completely evil. Either way, their customer service is unresponsive, and it’s happening all of a sudden.

    I just don’t appreciate that I’m turning up in search results for things I’d prefer not to mention here, while at the same time, I’m nowhere to be found on search results for, say, “John Wright’s Weblog” (though a few sites that link to me are on there). I bet Google has unlisted me because they think I’m spamming, and that may be the biggest hurdle I have in front of me.


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