Month-end meta: May 2007

Traffic on this site surged in May, but getting linked from Switchfoot’s official site will do that for you.  It wasn’t really a big deal, because the creator of the news site was hired by the band to do the news section of their site.  So, when Switchfeed linked to my review of Oh! Gravity (before that happened), and that post was imported into the new Switchfoot news page, I got a mess of new visits that lasted about four days.  I guess that’s how the blog universe works, and things died down considerably after that bit of commotion.

Once you filter out all of the referrals from Switchfeed/Switchfoot, traffic on this site actually saw a slight decline in May on a per-day basis.  Absolute unique visitors, however, remained almost exactly the same.  I also got fewer attacks from spammers and people trying to insert vulgar images into my WordPress theme, so that was nice.

Most interesting searches:

  1. csthea mock trial (I can see them scouring the internet for mentions of their national prowess)
  2. john wright shooter (I promise I didn’t do anything, nor was anything done to me)
  3. what are the song called on linkin park minutes to midnight (Hope you found a few of their names)

Top content (May):

  1. Oh! Gravity Review
  2. Coming out for Obama
  3. Basketball main page
  4. Braves review: May 14
  5. About me

Top content (March-May):

  1. Oh! Gravity Review
  2. Basketball main page
  3. Bisons’ season-ending loss
  4. About me
  5. Coming out for Obama

Again, thanks for visiting the site.  Let’s do this again next month.


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