Friday Notes: August 3, 2007

Today marks my 14-month wedding anniversary, so it’s a pretty good day.  Here are some notes for this week:

  • The Braves need to stop playing extra-inning games, especially if they’re going to lose them.  I didn’t watch much of last night’s game (too much basketball and NCAA 08 to be played), but I’m sure it wasn’t particularly enjoyable for Braves fans.  Hopefully the runs will keep piling up against the Rockies, because the Mets and Phillies certainly haven’t been losing much.
  • Deadspin linked to an interesting baseball map today (shared in the left-hand Google pane if you must see the post).  Basically it’s an overlay of the home territory of each major league team on a basic topographical U.S. map.  You can see it below.
  • is a new social networking site based on sports.  It gives you a blog and lets you have “shouting matches” with fellow fans, which is nice, but the killer feature to me is the ability to manage all of your fantasy teams in one place.  If you use a major sports site to run your fantasy baseball or football league, chances are you can access it through Screaming Sports.  Of course, you have to fork over your login information to get that kind of accessibility, but it is reportedly quite safe with the info.  I can see how this could be incredibly useful for people who manage a handful of fantasy teams at one time, and I think it will grow into more and more functionality in this regard.  Right now, the site’s not as pretty as, say, Facebook, but it’s not bad, either.

Time to get ready for the weekend.  Have a good one.

United Countries of Baseball


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