Back online?

I’m not really sure, but I’m going to make an attempt this weekend to import all of my Blogger posts ( if you haven’t been over there) into this blog, and hopefully I can move on to more important things.  I’m also planning on updating the Braves WPA page to include season-ending stats, since my abrupt move kept me from doing so.  Keep checking back…we’ll be fully functional soon.

Current known issues:

  • Users and Blogroll pages will not function at all in IE or Firefox.  They only work for me in Opera.  (Apparently this is some kind of firewall problem…I’m having trouble with my home firewall when it comes to certain very specific blog-related actions.  It works fine when I’m at work.)
  • Every time I post, I’m getting header errors.  I think it’s because of a plugin issue, but I’m not sure.  Obviously it’s not keeping me from posting (since you can read this), but it’s annoying.

I’m currently in the process of moving the posts from my backup blog over to the main site, so if you’ve been holding out on a comment, please fire away when you see the post here.


2 thoughts on “Back online?

  1. One suggestion:
    The gray font color for your revamped blog’s text seems a little washed out and makes it more difficult to read as opposed to the previous darker text.

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