Weekly Notes: November 1, 2007

A few notes for your first day of November:

  • I have been going to the movies less and less over the past year or so.  There just aren’t that many that are worth making a trip to a theater and paying 3-4 times what you pay for a rental, and movies keep coming out on DVD quicker and quicker.  Still, I went to see Dan in Real Life this past weekend, and it went pretty much as expected.  Steve Carell is great for this mostly-serious role that still allows him a few comedic moments.  The rest of the cast is solid as well (even Dane Cook is tolerable), especially Brittany Robertson, who plays his middle daughter.  It’s probably about a 7.5-8 on a scale to 10, with the cheese/predictability factor holding it back just a bit.
  • I’ve been getting pumped up recently about attending my first NFL game, which will be this weekend at the Georgia Dome.  The Falcons will be hosting my favorite team, the 49ers, which were a team I thought might be on the verge of reaching the playoffs this year until their offensive line ceased to function.  Now it appears that there may not be that many other people out there who want to see this offensive stinkfest in person.  What, no one wants to see Frank Gore get stuffed at the line 25 times?
  • Rumors are flying about the Braves getting everyone from Curt Schilling (Schilling’s own blog) to Ken Griffey (AJC’s unbelievable Terence Moore) to A-Rod (Eric Karabell).  Consider me incredibly surprised if any of those actually happen.  Talking Chop has more reasonable ideas: a suddenly less-desirable-for-most Mike Cameron and Cuban defector Alexei Ramirez.
  • I’m not crazy about Mike Huckabee as a Presidential candidate, as you might guess, but you have to give him some bonus points for humor when he says he’ll use Chuck Norris’ endorsement like this.
  • This is a good breakdown of what Stephen Colbert’s candidacy means in terms of campaign finance law.  I hope he takes it as far as the law allows.

Some football lists:



I probably won’t be sold on Ohio State until: 1) they beat Michigan, or 2) LSU loses again.

Last, but not least, a personal announcement: Next week I’ll be starting a new job at a large carpet manufacturer in Dalton.  I won’t be moving, just driving a different direction to work.  So, I’m leaving the food distribution industry for manufacturing, but more importantly, I’m leaving an entry-level staff accounting job for a second-level, more-specialized position.  As a result, I’ll also be studying for the CPA exam in the near future.  Hopefully that won’t affect the blog, but I’ll keep you updated.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a preview for you, but it may not be for Henderson State (as the schedule says), since they have yet to post their roster.  We’ll keep it moving with Ouachita Baptist if HSU can’t get their act together.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Notes: November 1, 2007

  1. At least no one is reporting that the Braves are to pursue Barry Bonds.

    We won’t be able to afford any of those guys. For some reason, i’m not sure why, Braves bloggers seem to hate Curt Schilling, referring to him as ‘holier than thou’ and etc. Any thoughts as to why? Why would he not be able to get along with john smoltz? They seem like two pretty likeable guys to me.

    Perhaps I missed something, i dunno.

    Call u after dee office 2night!

  2. Believe it or not, Bonds is a cost-effective option for offensive production. He’s just a better deal for an AL club because of his negative defensive value.

    I think the knock on Schilling is that he’s perhaps too open with his opinions, which is threatening to a lot of people. He also has a reputation for thinking too highly of himself, and I’m not really sure if that’s justified.

  3. Wait, so your #1 is the same LSU team that’s one tipped ball in the end zone away from being on a two-game losing streak?

    Do we even have to have a National Champion this year? Can we just give the 2007 National Championship to Boise State ’06?

  4. LSU #1? What? Ohio State has played a weak schedule, but they looked exceptionally crisp vs. Penn State.

    No love for Kansas either? It’s very conceivable they’ll be 11-0 heading into their final game of the year at home vs. Kansas.

    Congratulations on the job!

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