College Basketball Top 25: November 12, 2007

I’ll have the last of the season previews completed either this evening or tomorrow, so here’s a revised schedule for this week:

Monday: College Basketball Top 25
Tuesday: Henderson State preview
Wednesday: GSC Predictions/Exhibition Game Recap
Thursday: Exhibition Game Recap/GSC Predictions
Friday: Weekly Notes
Saturday: Harding-Missouri State recap

Stats pages should be operational by the beginning of next week, and I’ll try to update the stat glossary so you can figure out what everything means.

In the meantime, I present my latest college basketball rankings. I submit new rankings each week as part of the MVN writers poll, even though I generally don’t write about D-I hoops. You can see preseason rankings here (for all of MVN) and here for my own rankings.

Below are my current rankings, through Sunday’s games.



2 thoughts on “College Basketball Top 25: November 12, 2007

  1. While I agree with most of the list, Washington State a #15? I think their lack of exposure to the rest of the country and not having the school name on the front of their jersey as a “Duke” or “UNC” has a lot of people devaluing them.

    Personally, I’d have them at #5. They return both their star guards in Low and Weaver & all but one player who logged significant playing time in ’06-’07 .

  2. Washington State may be a bit low, in retrospect. The top four, to me, are very clear, and everyone else just falls in place somewhere.

    WSU was 29th in adjusted efficiency last year, which means they still had room to improve, even with virtually everyone coming back. To me, it’s easier to justify putting them at 15, but I could be swayed if they get off to a great start.

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