Cokey Catlin-Wright: ????-February 4, 2008

Cokey Chair Back

Tonight I realized one reason I know I’ve lived a charmed life to a certain extent. I know this because our cat Cokey died earlier tonight, and it’s perhaps the second- or third-most traumatic event in my lifetime. I’ve been very blessed, to say the least.

Melissa and I inherited Cokey from a couple that moved away from our church last March. He had a heart murmur, and they were afraid that he wouldn’t be able to handle the cross-country trip to California. He was literally the last thing left in their house before they moved away; they actually left their house for good, driving out behind us after we left with Cokey.

We don’t know exactly when he was born, but we know he was seven when we got him. He was probably the most affectionate cat I’ve ever seen, and it’s difficult to describe how much joy an animal like that can bring into the fairly uneventful life of a newly-married couple.

Cokey enjoyed just about everything.  His previous owners thought he was probably abused as a kitten, but he lived a lot of his life being treated right, too.  Like most cats, he loved a good piece of string, and we’re pretty sure he passed time while we were at work by batting around the plastic ties we left on the floor for him.  Cokey’s life ended quickly, we think because of a heart attack, but we think he probably went quickly without a whole lot of suffering.

I don’t get sappy or personal here a lot, but you’ll have to forgive me this time. I’ll return to basketball tomorrow.como jugar craps mirar sus oponentes h?bitos.


3 thoughts on “Cokey Catlin-Wright: ????-February 4, 2008

  1. Sorry about Cokey, John. I know from personal experience that losing a 4-legged family member can be just as difficult as losing a 2-legged one.

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