Baseball and The Office converge in a very odd way

So, I don’t usually develop an entire post around a news item, at least not when it doesn’t involve Harding basketball or the Braves, but this one is worth simply passing along:

Fire Joe Morgan: About Us

The writers of Fire Joe Morgan are, in fact professionals.  Lead writer Ken Tremendous is actually Michael Schur, the two-time Emmy winning contributor to The Office who also has a small recurring role as Cousin Mose.  Also contributing are Alan Yang (South Park) and Dave King (Crank Yankers, Frank TV).
I’ve had mixed feelings about FJM because they often stretch facts and reason a bit too far in their criticism of mainstream writers and announcers, but every now and then they’re hilarious, enough so to make every post a worthwhile read.  My initial reaction is that I’m unsure whether this makes them more or less funny, which probably means it doesn’t really matter.  It’s just very cool.


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