2008 Braves WPA Stats Posted

Links to static pages are on the sidebar. I have separate pages this year (including much more detail) for hitting, pitching, and relief.

Last week’s stats are now in Monday’s post.

2008 Hitting Stats

2008 Pitching Stats

2008 Relief Stats

I’ll be updating these pages each week on Monday, with the goal of having my weekly “check” ready on either Monday or Tuesday.  I also have a short glossary at the main Braves WPA page now.


2 thoughts on “2008 Braves WPA Stats Posted

  1. I know…it especially stinks that he chose HGH, which a) can’t even be tested yet, and b) hasn’t been proven to help performance. So, basically, he was just stupid.

    He was already probably a tad overrated, so I’m afraid this will give the “look how those numbers have gone down now that he got caught” crowd some more unwarranted ammunition.

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