Schedule for the week of April 21, 2008

Here’s what I’m planning to write about this week, and it all has to do with the Braves.  I’m not going to presume anyone actually cares what order I go in unless someone says otherwise.

Monday: Weekly Braves check
Friday: Notes

Other Braves post ideas for the middle of the week:
The Left Field Dilemma: Whither Matt Diaz?
Bullpen usage analysis / Should the Braves trade for relief help? (Can we have Tyler Yates back?)
What’s changed in 3 weeks around the league? and/or NL Power Rankings
The Chipper Jones backup “plan”
When are the Braves trading Brayan Pena to the Pirates?

All of those are fairly serious ideas, except for the last one.  I just assume Pena will be going to the Pirates eventually, since the other unwanted Braves have recently been shipped there.

I think I’ll tackle the Matt Diaz dilemma first, before we get a much clearer picture of what the Braves are planning in left field.  Everything else is up for grabs, and I’ll try to get to at least one of other topics this week.


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