Vacation Time

It’s been four years since I’ve been on a week-long vacation somewhere, so I’ve been looking forward to next week for quite a while.  Melissa and I will be leaving today and spending the week staying in Sarasota, but we’re planning to visit some of the other Central Florida attractions like Busch Gardens and Sea World for at least a couple of days.

We’ll also be stopping to see some family and friends who live along the way.  My brother-in-law Chris???????? ????? ???????? lives in Valdosta, and my friend Doug lives in Gainesville.  They both comment here every now and then, so they’re obviously good people who deserve a visit.

The rest of our time will probably be spent hanging out on the beach at Siesta Key or somewhere else along the gulf.  We’re trying not to pack too much into this vacation, just as a precaution to keep me from turning into Clark Griswold.  I did put together a spreadsheet with a budget and schedule, which probably surprises no one, but hopefully I’ll figure out how to have some fun along the way.

As for the blog, I’m still planning to have a condensed Braves post on Monday, and I may post some pictures from the trip if I get the chance.


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