Braves Resources

I’ve always wanted a sort of one-stop shop for Braves resources.  With all the web resources available today, it would certainly be possible to create a web “dashboard” for the Braves (something like iGoogle): stats from FanGraphs in one module, the upcoming schedule and probable pitchers in another, and a live scoreboard in another.

I don’t know much from a programming standpoint, so a Braves dashboard is currently wishful thinking on my part.  There are good iGoogle gadgets for some resources, like the current standings, but it’s a lot of work to arrange a customized Braves homepage.  So, that led me to create a new page on this site, and I’ve cleverly titled it “Resources.”

My hope is that you can come here, and within a few clicks find 95% of the information you might want to know about the Braves.  Most of what you’ll find here will (not surprisingly) be statistical resources, from basic stats and standings to WPA to PITCHf/x.  I know WPA is already available here, but I only update that section weekly.

Please work with me, offer some suggestions, and let me know if a link becomes broken.


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