Upcoming (basketball) schedule

As you’re certainly aware, it’s almost November, and I haven’t written any basketball posts for the 2008-09 season yet.  I’m not planning to completely neglect the Bisons this year, but be warned that the depth and breadth of my coverage will not be as large.

Feel free to interpret this in one of the following ways:

  1. I have less free time because I’ve been working on my basement on the weekends and playing in a flag football league one night a week. (For those interested, we won one game in our season.  I played WR/DB and had four catches for the season, including one for a touchdown, with that TD being our only score in the game we won.  We played 2-3 other close games and will have something to build on for next year.)  I will be shifting that time from flag football to a more general workout plan in preparation for my winter basketball league, which begins in January.  I should probably work on improving my 40-yard-dash time, which I will not be disclosing on the blog.
  2. I have to block out time to study for the CPA exam, something that’s not figured into the above schedule as of yet.
  3. This is now my third basketball season away from HU, and only one player (senior guard Steven Barnett) remains from the last team I watched as an actual HU student.  This has had the effect of drastically reducing my interest in obsessively following the team’s stats.  Compounding this problem is the fact that the Bisons only play one game yearly within a reasonable driving distance of Chattanooga (at Alabama-Huntsville), and even that game is on a Monday night this year, so I may not be able to go.  I’m certainly still a fan, but the quality of my analysis probably suffers as I become further removed from my days at HU.
Having sufficiently explained my blogging shortcomings (maybe I’m not that hard on myself after all), here’s the plan going forward as it relates to basketball posts:
  1. I will preview the upcoming season before Harding’s exhibition game against UALR (which is on 11/9), and it will probably be one extended post (rather than nine).
  2. I will provide periodic game reviews during the non-conference season and regular (weekly) reviews during the conference season.
  3. These posts may be less stat-oriented than in the past.  I haven’t decided on the level of detail with which I plan to track the stats this year, and it’s likely I will scale things back from last year (where it took me several hours to update stat files, update the blog’s stat pages, and write a review post, doing all three for each game).
These are my goals.  Let’s see if I can stick to them.
Feel free to contribute a first-hand account of any game.  If someone out there attends the games and would like to contribute a regular review, I would certainly consider publishing it here.  I’ve always had this grand vision of a community-maintained HU basketball site but never really tried to see it through.  If I could drum up interest for such a thing, I’d be happy moving it off of my personal blog.  Are there any intrepid young HU students out there who would be willing to give that a shot?

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