Morgan stars again in Bisons' sixth consecutive win

Following the departure of Matt Hall, I thought Kevin Brown would be the team’s go-to scorer, both because of his general talent around the basket and because there were really no other consistent options.  It’s true that the Bisons have found another scoring threat for this season, but that threat goes by a different name: Trent Morgan.

Morgan had his third consecutive excellent game as the Bisons avenged their season-opening overtime loss to Missouri S&T with a convincing 84-62 win on Tuesday.  Trent combined efficiency with quantity of production in a way that he never had before, at least not before this year.  He scored 22 points on 14 shot attempts, which is amazing because he hasn’t attempted more shots than that in any of his three consecutive 20-plus-point games.  Just to make the box score a little more interesting, Morgan added five rebounds, four steals, and three blocks (!).  Those blocks must have been a sight to see.

While he wasn’t the leading scorer, Kevin Brown still got in on a lot of the action.  Brown led the team with 15 shot attempts and 10 rebounds, but he only made five of his field goals and finished with 16 points – still a double-double.  Although Brown’s team-leading total of 10 rebounds isn’t eye-popping, he was the leader of a very successful team-wide emphasis on crashing the boards.

The Bisons didn’t shoot lights-out, but when you value possession of the ball, you can win just by volume of shot chances.  Harding had 15 turnovers vs. 22 for S&T and grabbed 43% of possible offensive rebounds vs. 20% for S&T, resulting in 8 more field goal and 10 more free throw attempts.

Brian Howard, Sam Brown, and Steven Barnett also reached double figures in scoring.  Howard had 8 rebounds and 3 steals, while Barnett had 7 assists.  S-Brown made half of the Bisons’ six team three-pointers.

The Bisons will hope for a repeat performance on Friday against Alabama-Huntsville, whom they beat on the road a few weeks back for the third win in their current six-game streak.


3 thoughts on “Morgan stars again in Bisons' sixth consecutive win

  1. Morgan gets the most out of his talent than any other Bison. Fearless going to the hoop and can score outside.

    If only Howard or KBrown could score from further out than point blank it would help. At their size, they are eating a lot of their inside attempts.

  2. I’m sure it’s tough for them to post up against players who are 3-4 inches taller than they are on a regular basis.

    Perhaps Brown still has the potential to develop an inside-out game, but he sure hasn’t shown it. A player like him is useful if you have a real post presence to take off some of the heat, but the Bisons have nothing of the sort.

  3. KBrown looked a lot better last year when he had Matt to attract most of the defensive attention. He has a lot of potential, but cannot carry the load on offense.

    Too bad that the game has turned to dunkers or three-ballers. Not much in between any more.

    Best play of the game last night was a no-look from Howard to Morgan cutting to the basket!!

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